Learn From the Best Professors During a Full-time job

What means studying part-time? We asked our part-time M.Sc. students…


„I came to HHL due to the recommendation of a friend. Afterwards, it turns out to be a really good decision.  I appreciate the high quality of the lectures and various services HHL provides, like the career coaching. Make the part-time study means a lot of personal organization and discipline. But due to the fact that the most lectures take place at weekend, I don’t need to take an extra holiday for it and can still plan vacations as usual. Also as the classes are small, the lecturers take time for each and every question. Even after the lectures, you can easily contact them via email individually which is really beneficial.”

Kaiyan Ge, part-time M.Sc. (Cologne)



„I decided to start the HHL part-time M.Sc. program because it provides me the opportunity to learn from one of the best professors and students during my full-time job. The program is very well-structured and especially for me as a consultant the content of the program perfectly fits my career goals. In the first residential week in Leipzig, I was impressed by the strong commitment and high motivation of all the students. I can highly recommend HHL’s part-time M.Sc. program within its spirit and its excellent learning approach.“

Manuel Gilg, part-time M.Sc. (Munich)

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