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Poland has been a member of the European Union for ten years now. Former Prime Minister Donald Tusk calls its membership an unparalleled success story. But to what extent has the country really opened up and, more precisely, have Polish managerial bodies opened up as well and taken in international members? Agata Tomczak, who is currently completing a part-time MBA program at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, is addressing this question in her Master’s thesis. The results gathered by the Head of Business Development of the Dresden-based international consulting firm DREBERIS are very interesting: while Polish companies are very international regarding their operations abroad, i.e. foreign turnover, Polish top management teams are lagging behind in this context. On average, managerial bodies in Poland have only a very few international members.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth, at whose Chair of International Management the thesis was completed, says, “Ms. Tomczak’s findings are astonishing because the press and scientific literature assumes that top managers working in international companies should have a certain level of internationality in order to influence corporate development in the best possible way.”

Interviewing Polish managers, Ms. Tomczak found that many people consider internationality a must among top managers.

Agata Tomczak comments, “Today’s top managers in Poland cannot even imagine that somebody who runs a company does not have any international experience. Internationality has become a must-have for Polish companies. Therefore, we assume that the executive boards of Polish companies will undergo major changes over the next few years and more and more international top managers will be appointed to the managerial bodies.” The research results will be presented and discussed at the AIB-CEE Chapter Conference in Budapest in October.

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