International Course Excursion to Poland

Written by Thomas Plachira, full-time MBA student at HHL

In the course on international management, when discussing the ways we could classify the world, the term CEE (Central and Eastern European countries) came up. We, the full-time MBA class M17, decided to explore whether this classification was still valid by visiting a city in this region.

We decided on Wroclaw, an industrial city in Poland (a constituent of the CEE) near the German border. Once there, we started a tour of the city to get a feel for the place and the culture. We met an enthusiastic tour guide, thorough in his explanations, who tried to maintain our group’s concentration which fl uttered here and there. The group came to a hotel in the middle of the city in order to meet students and faculty of the management school (WSH Wroclaw) there.

An eager student from the partner university was kind enough to ardently introduce us to the nightlife in the city. The next day, we were to have a lecture. It
started with the Chancellor of the university giving a short introduction of the school’s history; followed by one presented by HHL’s Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth, and then by Dr. Bartosz Gonczarek, a Polish inventor/CEO/ founder, from the WSH Wroclaw. He went on to discuss characteristics of being a Pole, and of doing business there.

A group’s capacity to perceive and present is far greater than that of an individual. It allows for a multitude of interchanges of ideas. The multicultural backgrounds and diverse credentials of M17, complemented by the concepts taught in the course, laid the groundwork for international business sensitivities and entrepreneurial opportunism for our MBA class.

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