Internal Profiling

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Workshop for Young Professionals

How can I become even more visible in the company and, as a consequence, be promoted? The “Internal Profiling – A Five-Point Program for Internal Career Development” workshop examined this and other questions on May 20, 2016 with the part-time MSc-students. Martina Beermann, Director Employer Relations/Career Service at HHL, talks about the workshop’s relevance: “The competition for leading positions has increased. At the same time, I notice a certain perplexity in young professionals as to how they can get promoted. Dealing with strategic questions is therefore essential and can add to the effect of one’s own university degree.”

Madeleine Rulf: "Networks are important in internal profiling."

Madeleine Rulf: “Networks are important in internal profiling.”

Participant Madeleine Rulf found the workshop important, “because we were able to address things that have concerned us for a while as professionals.” The workshop placed particular focus on questions such as: “Should I preferably specialize or build up a broad range of knowledge?” The part-time M.Sc. student adds, “I found it very interesting to look at things from an employer’s perspective for once. This insight will surely be an advantage during the next personnel discussion as strengths can be highlighted better.” The significance of networks was also an important issue. With today’s technology and social networks there are numerous advantages and disadvantages as well as rules of conduct that need to be considered, according to Madeleine Rulf. “It was particularly important for me to find out how to create and maintain a network,” she adds.


HHL’s Career Service Goes Digital

Martina Beermann, the Director Employer Relations/Career Service at HHL

Martina Beermann, the Director Employer Relations/Career Service at HHL

As in other areas at HHL, digitalization has found its way into the Career Service, taking big steps. Martina Beermann, the Director Employer Relations/Career Service at HHL, says, “Some days ago we have launched our online-based JobTeaser career platform. It bundles job offers with videos and numerous bits of information which students can use to find jobs. Students have the advantage that they can upload their résumé onto JobTeaser and save their search criteria on the platform. In cooperating with other well-respected international business schools we will increase the number of job offers for our HHL students. Thanks to this digital support we can focus more on the really important aspects of our work in future, and we move points such as profiling, career targets and career strategies into the spotlight for our students.”