Incomings and Outgoings

Exchange Students at HHL

Incoming: Welcome to our new exchange students!

We warmly welcome our 19 new exchange students coming from 12 countries worldwide. We hope you will enjoy your time in Leipzig and at HHL, making HHL a little more international! We are glad to have you all here, because we value your thoughts and academic contributions.

During the Orientation Week they already took part in a guided city tour by bus and by foot and could get a first impression of what Leipzig has to offer.

Here is what some of them told us about their first impression of Leipzig and HHL:

“My first impression of HHL has been very positive. You and all the staff made us feel really welcomed and as a real part of HHL community. The campus and classrooms look really modern and well-appointed. I really look forward to getting to know Leipzig better and experience a great semester at HHL. I am pretty sure that I made a really good choice!”

Katerina Pechová from University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

“The international office took very good care of us in the orientation week, especially the detailed introduction of IT and library ensured our easy access to university facilities. I will suggest my university to open a 24 hours library. And I will buy an HHL T-shirt to take back to China.”

Lin Zeng from Lingnan College, Guangzhou, China

Outgoing: Experience of outgoing students

Abhishek Singh, Executive MBA (P11), insights from the Kedge Business School in France:

I chose to do a study abroad at Kedge Business School for the following reasons:

  1. Ranking: The Kedge Business School has the reputation of being a top Executive MBA program ranked at 23 globally in 2015 FT ranking.
  2. Weather and location: It is nice to live in a city with Mediterranean weather beside the coast, during the winter semester; also proximity to Germany should there be need to come in between.
  3. Scholarship: Erasmus funding to help you a bit in finances to compensate for the difference in cost of living.

exchange students hhlBeing an exchange student: The student body called Interact was kind enough to show hospitality for picking up from the railway station, and dropping to the hall of residence. Several events are organized in the fresher’s week by Interact team that are fun to participate and also helpful in getting to know people. Interestingly, the whole residence of Alotra is meant for exchange students and is a lively place to meet people from various other nationalities, around 100 of them.

Culture: Unlike stereotypic belief about French people which most people usually have before having lived in France, Marseille people are very humble, friendly, polite and helpful.

Challenges & Downside: The first difficulty is of course the language, if you try to move around in the city on your own you would be expected to talk in French as rarely anyone talks in English. Sign and body language helps the most. Google maps give faulty results many a times. It’s always good to move in groups as usually at least one person in group would know a bit of French. Cost of living is typically almost double than that of Leipzig/Halle but comparable to major cities in West Germany.

Final Recommendation: A combination of courses in of your interest and the beautiful city of Marseille, with many international people to meet, befriend and plan travel trips to nearby cities if you like to such as Lyon, Nice, Barcelona, Nimes, etc. in the weekends, is a perfect mix for a study abroad experience. The best thing is that you would get to meet a big and active international student crowd who are always up for helping each other and to party whenever they want.