I Would Definitely Do It Again

Course highlights and examples of theory-practice transfer: Four Global MBA alumni give their personal insights into the international management training.

“I Really do See the Results and Progress”

Jennifer Becker

Jennifer Becker (Germany) is employed by the pharmaceutical company Roche, which is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. There, she works in the Global Product Strategy team as a Strategic Insight Manager, which is all about influencing the strategy through market research.

What were your personal highlights during the past two GEMBA years?

For me personally, the group works were my highlight. When you have a group of five people or even more who all have different backgrounds and various levels of knowledge and you must deliver results at the end of the processing time, you really have to work together as a team. It is challenging to motivate the other people with nothing more than the participation itself or the atmosphere in the group. Thus, my biggest lesson was to work with a group of diverse students and to perform as a team. During the GEMBA program, I had proper ups and downs and, especially in the beginning, it was very tough for me. But after the two years, I really do see the results and progress.

How could you personally and professionally benefit from the GEMBA program?

With the combination of the Neuro Lab in Barcelona for instance and the high amount of group work, I have improved much more in my work by considering different perspectives of other people and guiding and leading teams as well as having a better atmosphere when working together with other people. This was a huge lesson which I could translate into my daily work from day one.

In one sentence: How would you recommend the GEMBA program to your friends and family?

A lot of times when I tell people that I will be off to China, Brazil or Spain, they ask me what I am going to do there, I always talk about the program itself: You have all the different locations and the approaches differ a lot from each other every time. I already have two friends, who are also colleagues from work and very interested in the program. Normally, I highlight the work in international groups and how the classes are scheduled. I really prefer the concept of one full week of courses instead of only a weekend like it is offered at most of the universities and business schools. You have the chance to really go into the program, to live it and to forget about your daily work.

“I Believe in the Need of Being able to Handle the Basics of Entrepreneurship”

Marcus Benussi

Marcus Benussi is a half-American, half-Italian lawyer, specializing in contract law. He owns a law firm in Italy and a business consultancy company in Munich.

What was your personal motivation to take part in the GEMBA program the last two years?

The two worlds of law and economics are getting much closer and this is my personal reason why I decided to take part in the program. Thus, I firmly believe that there is a need for the legal sector to amplify the knowledge of wherever there is in financial science because the law today needs to know what is actually happening in the business world in order to better apply today’s laws. On the one hand, the laws must necessarily be adapted to the business world. On the other hand, I believe that it could be very interesting for finance guys to learn a bit more about the legal limits that have to be set sometimes, especially in business ethics and corporate law. I also believe in the need for being able to handle the basics of entrepreneurship.

How could you personally and professionally benefit from the GEMBA program?

After my first week in the GEMBA program, which was about leadership and financial statements, I already saw a strong theory/practice transfer. I had the opportunity to talk with a client after three days of the first module in Barcelona. Immediately, my brain recalled some of the lessons in class and I had a completely different personal attitude, which I noticed right away. It was pure causality because it was very close to that subject we had the week before.

In one sentence: How would you recommend the GEMBA program to your friends and family?

Go for it and do not be afraid of asking the professors about what you really want to learn.

 “The GEMBA has Given me More Self-Confidence in Making the Best Decisions”

Dr. Björn Mathes

Dr. Björn Mathes is working for the Frankfurt/Main based German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology called Dechema. In that organization, he is Head of Conferences and Committee Support.

What were your personal highlights during the past two GEMBA years?

The whole program was well managed and all the fellow students already have a proven track record in their individual industry. The program has brought together people from different backgrounds like science, engineering or even the law and political science. Thus, we had very good group discussions where we could benefit a lot from the various backgrounds and cultures. Concerning all the modules and lectures, I liked the leadership course at EADA in Barcelona the most because it was very useful for my current job position.

How could you personally and professionally benefit from the GEMBA program?

As I said before, specifically the leadership lectures helped me perfectly to make the next step in my career and focus on how to manage employees and their emotions, both on a personal and a professional level. Furthermore, in this condensed program of 21 months you learn that there is plenty of data but in the end, you will never finish collecting all of it to get a full picture of the situation. There will always be a small percentage of uncertainty you have to manage and deal with it when it comes to making decisions. The courses have given me more self-confidence in making the best decisions under the circumstances of having just a few but important data points, which are sufficient.

In one sentence: How would you recommend the GEMBA program to your friends and family?

It’s hard to put all the experiences into one sentence. Firstly, I would recommend the program due to the diversity of the classmates in terms of cultural and professional background and secondly due to the mix of teaching styles of the German-based HHL and the Spanish EADA. Thirdly, the program puts an important focus on the growing and currently struggling BRIC states and how we as European business people can make the best out of it.

“I Would Definitely do it Again”

Edilmar Filho

Edilmar Filho is Brazilian and holds a degree in mechanical engineering. Since 2012, he has been working as an International Project Manager for Voith Hydro in the South of Germany.

What were your personal highlights during the past two GEMBA years?

For me, it was very important to expand my network in class. Some of my classmates even became very good friends. Now I have different kinds of support if I need it, for my business as well as for my private life. Furthermore, I gained some managerial basics which I didn’t have before because I am an engineer. I always felt that topics like finance or accounting would be too difficult for me. The GEMBA broadened my mind. The strategy and leadership seminars helped me a lot with the questions of how to manage people and how to improve myself, too.

How could you personally and professionally benefit from the GEMBA program?

Personally, on the one hand, the GEMBA program helped me to plan my private life better, to define what is important for me. On the other hand, I learned which goals I want to accomplish and how to be more effective in achieving them. Before, I did not see how my personal life would impact my business life. Today, I understand much better how these two parts correlate. I also guess that I now have a better feeling about my profile, my strengths and which parts I still can improve.

In one sentence: How would you recommend the GEMBA program to your friends and family?

It is all about developing. The GEMBA program is not about one’s career but more about one’s personal development. I would definitely do it again.

At a Glance: The Global Executive MBA Program

Target Group: Professionals with at least 5 years of professional experience

Duration: 21 months

Language of Instruction: English

Frequency: 8 residential weeks, 40 days out of the office (spread over 3 calendar years)

Start: October

Location: Germany (HHL), Spain (EADA), India, China, Brazil

Tuition: EUR 45,000 (including accommodation and half board)

15 %/10 % early-bird discount, application deadline: Jan. 31/May 31

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