“I like that HHL is down to earth.” Graduate of HHL presents herself in new film series

Lucretia Löscher

What are the benefits of studying at the first business school established in Germany? In a new series of films, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management alumni describe their careers and share how the program at HHL and the school’s network supported them in reaching their personal and professional goals.

Successful female graduates are coaching female students at HHL

Amongst the HHL alumni there are numerous successful women. Not only did they achieve top results at HHL but they also assumed responsible positions in consulting or industry, or launched their own start-up. In their position as successful role models they often give career advice to current female HHL students.

Lucretia Löscher’s portrait in the new alumni film series of HHL shows the challenges in business consultancy and how the 31-year old went her way in this industry. She was born in Leipzig and her professional background is in the field of law. She took her intermediate exam in business studies after a correspondence course, and has worked for well-known companies such as Q-Cells, Porsche and Bosch in the past. After her graduation at HHL in June 2010, she decided to work for Siemens Management Consulting, the in-house business consultancy of Siemens AG. She started as a consultant and soon became a senior consultant. In fall 2013, the Saxonian switched from Siemens AG to OSRAM Licht AG, the biggest global lighting company, where she assumed the position of Benchmarking Project Manager. In this position she leads strategic consultancy projects which ensure the competitiveness of the business units. Next to her responsibilities there she founded a start-up two months ago to try her hand in the European market for sports and running belts.

Lucretia Löscher says about her alma mater, “HHL is characterized by its motivated professors and its ambitious, internationally-oriented students. For me personally another aspect was and still is important too: how down to earth the HHLers are”.

Above-average commitment: HHL’s alumni
HHL’s over 1,500 alumni are organized in the HHL Alumni Association e.V. and members of regional and international HHL Alumni Chapters. Graduates now work in the fields of consulting, finance/banking, industry, e-commerce and as entrepreneurs. A great number of HHL alumni still feel a bond with their alma mater long after their time at the school. They contribute to the university’s content as guest speakers at enrollment ceremonies or at HHL conferences. Julia Höffner, who is in charge of Alumni Relations at HHL, emphasizes, “The relations between the HHL graduates and their university go way beyond the level of content and ideals. For example, a large number of alumni, among them successful entrepreneurs, supported our innovative HHLNewCampus crowd funding campaign with great dedication. Thanks to the HHL alumni, we were able to raise over EUR 200,000 for the renovation of study rooms in our new annex building.” www.hhl.de/alumni