I Just Look Forward to Fruitful Years – EuroMBA Introduction

Sophia van Welie (41) is one of six “newbies” at the EuroMBA. She has just started the program at the beginning of 2018 and for her Introduction Seminar, she is visiting Leipzig and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management for the first time. The Dutch woman and architect lives with her family in Ethiopia because of her husband for business reasons. In the short interview, Sophia van Welie talks about her motivation, her expectations and her personal reasons of joining the EuroMBA program.

What has been your motivation to join a MBA program?

My family and I live in Ethopia and there it is very hard to do an attendance study program, so it had to be a blended learning MBA program. Furthermore, I wanted to do something that not only keeps me occupied but also stimulates me, inspires my thinking and makes me look beyond the end of my own nose. Therefore, I would have something which I could build upon and work further when we will move from Ethopia to somewhere else.

How did you become aware of the EuroMBA program?

I did some research on the web and looked for an online MBA. That was the first filter. Second, it needed to be something that appealed to me and if you look at the different MBA programs, the websites and the available information differed a lot from each other. The EuroMBA web presence looked very accessible. In the end, there were only two options left and thus I looked for people who joined the MBA programs and spoke to them. Based on that, I made my final decision: the EuroMBA.

Sophia van Welie, EuroMBA student at HHL

What is your expectation regarding this program?

Well, I met the entire group this morning for the first time and the whole atmosphere and the vibe were really good and completely convinced me. Everybody was really happy to see each other again, that made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I think in between the residential weeks, the online courses will be quite hard work and I regard it with right degree of respect. I assume I will figure it out along the way and I just look forward to fruitful two years, where I learn a lot.

Does your current employer support you in your MBA project?

It is my husband’s employer who supports me. They pay a little bit more than half of the study fees, while I pay the rest by myself. The first time in Ethiopia I was busy to organize everything, also with the children and now the time has come where I can do something for myself. That was the deal.

Sophia van Welie (second from the right) and fellow EuroMBA students enjoying mulled wine and Leipzig specialties after a cheerful Leipzig discovery day

The Euro MBA Program

The EuroMBA program is a truly international program for internationally oriented managers and professionals, designed and realized by a consortium of six European universities and business schools of outstanding caliber.

The program fits the needs of the current executive to combine theoretical and practical training and work, allowing them to study from home, yet to work with executives from around the world. Since its inception in 1996, flexibility, high quality theoretical and practical training, innovative work processes and international networks have been the keywords of the EuroMBA program.

By offering 10 e-learning courses in combination with six residential weeks in five different European countries, managers earn their MBA in a truly international context. These strengths are combined with a strong focus on European business and management, an international teaching and management staff, as well as participants from at least 25 different countries.