“I Founded an Investment Fund” Graduate of HHL Presents Herself in Film Series

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What are the benefits of studying at the first business school established in Germany? In a new series of films, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management graduates describe their careers and share how the program at HHL and the school’s network supported them in reaching their personal and professional goals.

With a degree from HHL into the world of numbers

Following her graduation from HHL, Conny Wuppermann, 32, pursued a career in finance. After working in investment banking and private equity for several years, she and her two partners founded palero capital, whose investment fund canvasses companies with the objective of increasing their value through operative and sustainable changes. Today, Conny Wuppermann is a Partner and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at palero capital in Munich. Her tasks include acquiring new business for the company’s portfolio in addition to all finance and financing-related topics. Furthermore, the Leipzig-born alumna shows great dedication to her alma mater. She was the contact person for potential supporters during the HHLNewCampus crowdfunding campaign recently completed. Conny Wuppermann is also available to counsel female HHL students requiring advice for a career in finance.

“I was intrigued by the spirit at HHL”

In her installment of the alumni film series the financial expert explains why she chose to study at the first business school in Germany: “I was intrigued by the spirit between the students and the professors at HHL.” Towards the end of her studies, it was especially HHL’s Career Service which helped Conny Wuppermann to forge links with companies and recruiters from the financial sector: “This is how I was able to get into investment banking immediately after graduation.”

Above-average commitment: HHL’s alumni

HHL’s over 1,500 alumni are organized in the HHL Alumni Association e.V. and members of decentralized regional and international HHL Alumni Chapters. Graduates now work in the fields of business and strategy consulting, finance, industry, e-commerce and as entrepreneurs. A great number of HHL alumni still feel a bond with their alma mater long after their time at the school. They contribute to the university’s content as guest speakers at enrollment ceremonies or HHL conferences. Julia Höffner, who is in charge of Alumni Relations at HHL, emphasizes, “The relations between the HHL graduates and their university go way beyond the level of content and ideals. For example, a large number of alumni, among them successful entrepreneurs, supported our innovative HHLNewCampus crowdfunding campaign with great dedication.  Thanks to the HHL alumni, we were able to raise over EUR 200,000 for the renovation of study rooms in our new annex building.” www.hhl.de/alumni

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