I Enjoy Every Minute in This Artistic Place

Weeks have passed and our current exchange students have formed an opinion about HHL, their studies and Leipzig:

Elena Iamboglo (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania): 
Coming from a “massive” university with over 22 000 students, a term abroad at the small private university HHL, is a completely different experience to me. Following an individual approach and being able to attend practically oriented courses are two aspects that make HHL special. One strength of HHL is the strong and diverse relationship it has established with big-brand companies. In addition, being surrounded by students who come from all over the world immensely enriches my HHL experience. An international environment combined with the opportunity to partake in interactive courses in which students can share their experiences, are both aspects I was looking for at HHL. From the very beginning, I was deeply impressed by the city of Leipzig and by how invested HHL is in its students. Leipzig is a beautiful, green city with welcoming people and charming places to see. I am looking forward to discovering everything the city of Leipzig has to offer, and to get the most out of my HHL experience!

Charles Majeau (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada):
The first thing that struck me is the warm welcome and the sense of community I got from HHL. Even though I am an exchange student for four months, I already feel like I am part of the family. After being here for some months now, I wish I could stay longer. This feeling has been reinforced by the fact that I am not only enjoying my experience but I am also developing my skills on a professional level.

Can Liu (Nanyang Business School, Singapore):
Leipzig is an amazing city: peaceful, lively with classic music everywhere. I enjoy every minute in this artistic place. It’s a great honor to study at HHL. I’m deeply impressed by the rigorous German working style.

A total of 241 students from 41 different countries started their studies at HHL in this fall term 2017. They moved to Leipzig from India, China, the USA, Peru, Lebanon, Poland or France to start their MBA or Master program. HHL maintains relations to 130 partner universities worldwide.