How to finance a Master degree? Part II: Scholarship for Women in Business

Christine Meister, Women in Business-StipendiatinChristine Meister, Women in Business-Stipendiatin

Money makes the world go round – this simple piece of wisdom also applies to student financing. There are many paths leading to the goal. In addition to the classic way of gifted students receiving scholarships, there are other funding opportunities such as grants or affordable loans to look out for. Learn about some possibilities to finance your Master degree. 

Today: Christine Meister, HHL Women in Business Scholarship

The name says it all: Women in Business – this HHL scholarship is to support exceptionally talented and motivated women who see their career goals in a leading position. Women like Christine Meister. The 22-year-old with the German-sounding name is actually an American with Swiss roots and has been studying in Leipzig since August 2014. “After I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston, I had to go to Europe by any means possible,” she says. Her decision to start a program at HHL was based both on professional and private reasons. “HHL has an excellent reputation and offers me more than any comparable university in the U.S.,” says the young Texan who has a soft spot for cowboy boots. Moving to Leipzig, she was able to mix business with pleasure as her German boyfriend is studying in the Saxon metropolis as well.

Christine Meister learned about the scholarship during the application process. “Eventually, it was HHL’s Recruiting Team that gave me the right tip,” she says. To qualify for the scholarship, she had to complete a multi-step selection procedure in which she had to convince of her ability and motivation. On top of that, only students with an outstanding GMAT score were allowed to apply for this type of funding in the first place.

She has received a payment of EUR 5,000 through Women in Business, which she considers to be “a great support”. However, the program is more than just a scholarship; it is a contribution towards increasing the number of women because according to Christine Meister, “HHL is still dominated by male students.”

Find out more about the Women in Business Scholarship or contact Petra Spanka, Senior Manager for Student Recruitment at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (