How to finance a Master degree? Part III: HHL Scholarship for Effective and Responsible Leadership

Money makes the world go round – this simple piece of wisdom also applies to student financing. There are many paths leading to the goal. In addition to the classic way of gifted students receiving scholarships, there are other funding opportunities such as grants or affordable loans to look out for. Learn about some possibilities to finance your Master degree. 

Today: Maximilian Sutter, HHL Scholarship for Effective and Responsible Leadership

The competition was top-class. But Maximilian Sutter made it: he is among a few select students who receive funding through the HHL Scholarship for Effective and Responsible Leadership. By awarding this scholarship, HHL honors applicants who are particularly suited to become responsible leaders. “I am glad and also a little proud to have made the cut,” says the 24-year-old from Bavaria, who enrolled at HHL last September.

However, the way to receiving this scholarship from the university’s funding program for students with outstanding academic achievements is a difficult one; students must pass their GMAT (admission test for Master’s programs) with more than 650 points. Mr. Sutter scored 760 out of 800 points. The application process also included a multi-tier selection process during which Maximilian Sutter had to develop, among other things, a business strategy for a producer of cocoa and chocolate that was sound, sustainable and responsible at the same time.

It is exactly this connection of sustainability and entrepreneurship that is close to the young man’s heart. It is also what he imagines for his own professional future. Not very surprising considering that since his childhood, he has obtained close insight into the family business run by his parents as the third generation on Lake Constance. He comments on this early influence making him very open to the idea of entrepreneurship, “I definitely want to start my own company in the future.”

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