How to finance a Master degree? Part V: EU subsidy program for SME in Saxony

Viktor Meier, ESF "Weiterbildungsscheck betrieblich"Viktor Meier, ESF "Weiterbildungsscheck betrieblich"

Money makes the world go round – this simple piece of wisdom also applies to student financing. There are many paths leading to the goal. In addition to the classic way of gifted students receiving scholarships, there are other funding opportunities such as grants or affordable loans to look out for. Learn about some possibilities to finance your Master degree.  

Today: Viktor Meier, EU subsidy program for SME in Saxony (ESF)

For Viktor Meier, it was clear as day: a Master’s program was to promote his career and expertise. However, his employer – Blue Corporate Finance – where the 27-year-old has worked since obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, did not really want him to leave for his studies. The most natural thing was to trying and find a compromise.

Much to the joy of everyone involved, they found more than just that – a solution beneficial to all parties. The deal was that Viktor Meier would choose a part-time MBA program at HHL instead of a full-time one. His education is now covered to a substantial extent by his employer. The company, however, does not have to foot the bill all by itself. How does that work? It is possible through funding from the European Social Fund (ESF). “In my case, the ESF covers 50 percent of the cost which the company invests in my studies,” explains Kazakh-born Viktor Meier. The most important precondition: the company must be a medium sized company in Saxony.

Viktor Meier is glad to have discovered this offer as it provides for a win-win situation. He thinks the funding program is a great chance – and not just because of the money. A positive side effect: the networks at HHL are very interesting for a regional enterprise such as Blue Corporate Finance as they provide opportunities for establishing new contacts or possibly even some projects.

Find out more about ESF funding for the part-time MBA program or contact Petra Spanka, Senior Manager for Student Recruitment at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (