How to finance a Master degree? Part IV: ESF education continuance check Saxony

Sarah Wieske: ESF-Förderung „Weiterbildungsscheck privat“Sarah Wieske: ESF-Förderung „Weiterbildungsscheck privat“

Money makes the world go round – this simple piece of wisdom also applies to student financing. There are many paths leading to the goal. In addition to the classic way of gifted students receiving scholarships, there are other funding opportunities such as grants or affordable loans to look out for. Learn about some possibilities to finance your Master degree. 

Today Sarah Wieske: “Weiterbildungsscheck privat” ESF funding

Professionally, all is going well. Sarah Wieske could sit back and relax. She has held a good job as a corporate consultant for three years now. However, standing still is not her thing. The 29-year-old wants to progress in her career. “At the moment I feel that is not enough for me to just learn by doing. I need well-founded management training to be able to tackle bigger projects on the job.” Ms. Wieske, who was born in Magdeburg, has not been enrolled at HHL for very long at all; she only just started her part-time MBA program two weeks ago.

The program costs money, of course. Sarah Wieske found out about an affordable way from a colleague of hers, who had already received funding from the European Social Fund (ESF). This institution provides funding for on-the-job training projects. “The great thing about this type of funding is that it is not a loan but a grant. It covers half of the tuition fees,” explains the student from Leipzig and tallies up the impressive sum of EUR 15,500. The only drawback: you do not receive the money until after the program has been successfully completed and so students have to pay the full amount upfront.

At least the application process with Sächsische Aufbaubank was not complicated. “I had to prove that I have a job and reside in Saxony and that the qualification will improve my career opportunities.” But even without funding, she would have decided to study at HHL. “It is a relief though to know that in the end I do not have pay back the full amount.”

Find out more about ESF funding for the part-time MBA program or contact Petra Spanka, Senior Manager for Student Recruitment at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (