How Artificial Intelligence Disrupt Current Industries

Tonight, the 4th HHL International Investors Day kicks off with a panel on “Artificial Intelligence”. The round with moderator Frank Schmiechen (Chief Editor, Gründerszene) contains Fabian Westerheide (Coordinator Al, Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.), Dr. Ulli Waltinger (Head of Research Group Machine Intelligence, Siemens) and Justus Nagel (Head of Business Development, SENSAPE)

We are looking forward to welcoming our guests, visitors, students, and alumni.

“One particular point of the developments in the field of artificial intelligence is that, as a matter of principle, every company in every field can benefit from it. Most processes, communication channels, and productions can be re-imagined and designed more effectively with intelligent technologies. This results in new business models in all industries; mainly for start-ups which are able to take existing business models to the next level with the help of artificial intelligence.”

Frank Schmiechen, Chief Editor of Gründerszene

“Start-ups benefit enormously from digitalization and the increasing acceptance of artificial intelligence. Every enterprise, every government, every human being has the need for new products to remain innovative and in business.

In Germany, however, there are not enough start-ups in the fields of logistics, robotics, finance (risk analyses, regulation), automation and health care. There is a great backlog in this context which also represents a unique opportunity for companies to solve problems on a sustainable basis.”

Fabian Westerheide, Coordinator of Artificial Intelligence, The German Startups Association

“Elon Musk recently predicted that AI will be superior to human beings in almost every aspect by 2030. It will, therefore, also be able to make better investment decisions at some stage of this journey. At first, AI will successfully master more simple issues where a broad knowledge is required. In the U.S., for instance, this is already the case for lawyers.”

Dr. Alex von Frankenberg, CEO, High-Tech Gründerfonds