HHL Researcher Scores in the 2014 Handelsblatt Ranking of Business Economists






Dr. André Casajus from HHL made it into the Top 100 in the latest Handelsblatt ranking of the most active business economists in research. The Handelsblatt business journal places the economist on rank 51 for best research performance, and on rank 94 in the category lifetime achievement.

In his research, the 49-year old focuses on cooperative games theory. This theory deals with the analysis of situations in which jointly generated profits from cooperation need to be distributed fairly. At HHL, games theory is researched within the academic group of Economics and Regulation. Together with his colleague Dr. Frank Hüttner, Dr. Casajus could publish an article in the renowned Journal of Economic Theory a few months ago.

He enjoys research very much. “Especially the mathematical aspect in games theory appeals to me. I like to think about new and old concepts, I like to make presuppositions, and I am very interested in finding proof.” Converting formal results into publishable essays is also exciting for the HHL researcher. http://www.casajus.de/

The Handelsblatt ranking evaluates the research performance of more than 2000 business economists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland every two years. The study is conducted by a research team of the ETH Zurich’s business cycle research on behalf of Handelsblatt.