HHL on Tour

This month we are on tour in Latin America and meet alumni, candidates and friends.


First stop:

In Santiago Chile, our HHL alumni Hans (header image, left) and Christian (header image, right) were great supporters at The MBA Tour. Thanks a lot for your help!

Hans Hänel (M15) and Christian Orellana (M13) met at the MBA fair in Santiago. After his MBA studies at HHL, Hans entered the family business Tecnigen. Christian came back to Santiago with his wife and two kids after his time in Leipzig for the MBA program. Both presented their imperessions and talked about their time at HHL during the school presentation at The MBA Tour in Santiago Chile.


“The content of the MBA programs might be the same, but at HHL you will benefit of the best quality for a very fair price, and a perfect study life balance thanks to Leipzig, which is a beautiful city with a great cost-quality-relation.”

Hans Hänel, Head of R&D and Business Development at Tecnigen (Chile)


“It was the best experience of my life, my only advice to you is: Just do it and you will never regret it! “

Christian Orellana, Senior Program Manager and Consultant at ARRIS (Chile)


Second stop:

Many interested candidates joined our HHL meet-ups in Buenos Aires as well and wanted to learn more about HHL. One candidate mentioned that he has been to Leipzig and he loved the city. We hope to welcome some of them at HHL next fall.


Final stop:


Several HHL alumni and current students on their exchange term recently met in Lima with our school representative, remembering their good time in Leipzig: The cultural events, thematic evenings, the Leipzig night life and the relaxed days at the lake or beach. Even after 10 years, HHL is still one of the best experience they have ever had.

Thank you all for joining us!

Greetings from Lima…


lima_2HHL participated in the MBA Tour fair in Lima. Special thanks to Thilo Wallenstein (student from M16, currently studying for a double degree at EASA) and Gustavo Horna (alumnus from GEMBA 3) and their support during the fair. They gladly shared their experiences at HHL and in Leipzig with more than 70 interested candidates about HHL and its MBA programs. During the school presentation, Thilo mentioned the “HHL spirit” as the main reason why he decided to join HHL in the first place, and recommended a campus visit to see for yourself why HHL is the most popular business school in Germany.