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HHL is packing its bags and going again on tour! Our team is regularly traveling to Russia to meet potential candidates for our MBA and Master programs and along the way, we have met many exceptional candidates who have been studying at HHL and we are looking forward to meeting much more. Recently, we asked some of our students and recent graduates whom we met at the ACCESS Fairs in Russia to share with us their experience with HHL, as this is what they told us…


“My name is Nataliya and I am a young professional with 5 years of experience in market research and project management.  I first met HHL representative Raluca Modoiu at the Access MBA fair, which turned out to be the first step towards pursuing my MBA degree one year later. I have chosen HHL, as this program offers a higher ROI compared to others, as well as a broad business network in the industry I am aspiring to join after graduation. Now, after I have joined the program, HHL for me means new opportunities, in the first place, opportunities to start my own project and participate in student initiatives.”

Nataliya Demyanenko (Russia), current HHL MBA student


“It’s been a year since I finished my MBA degree. I can say that HHL was and is my thing. Why? Of course, the professors were great, but I guess a lot of schools are trying to get the best professors in the field. For me, first and foremost advantage is the atmosphere. All doors of all staff are open, the staff is not just friendly but professional and friendly, which is a super mixture, so all questions are solved quickly and I could really concentrate on my studies and not on administrative, formal or other issues, which foreign students normally have. The second thing is in-house German courses. At the end of the day, if you want to feel comfortable in the country you stay and have more career and personal opportunities you need to speak German. And if you have tough study load, you really appreciate that someone already organized German courses of high quality for you. In one year I moved from German level 0 to B2 level, and not only me. You can value that once you are in Germany. And, of course, Leipzig itself is a great place for students (and it is not only my opinion). People are friendly and relaxed here. Half of the city has green areas. And, by the way, if you once see the backyard of HHL university house whit riverside you will fall in love with the place as I did:) I managed to find a job in Leipzig and I am very happy to stay here. “

Oleg Feedosev (Russia), HHL MBA alumnus, Marketing Manager at Kontor Lighting Living GmbH, Germany



HHL will attend the ACCESS MBA Events in Moscow on October 5th and in Saint Petersburg on October 7th, as well as the ACCESS Master Events in Moscow on October 4th and in Saint Petersburg on October 6th.

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