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HHL is packing its bags and going again on tour! Our team is regularly travelling to Eastern Europe to meet potential candidates for our MBA and Master programs and along the way, we have met many exceptional candidates who have been studying at HHL and we are looking forward to meeting many more. Recently, we asked some of our students and recent graduates to share with us their experience with HHL, as this is what they told us…


fedoseev_oleg“It’s been a year since I’m in Germany and I almost finished my MBA degree. I can say that HHL was and is my thing. Why? Of course, the professors were great, but I guess a lot of schools are trying to get the best professors in the field. For me, first and foremost advantage is the atmosphere. All doors of all staff are open, staff is not just friendly but professional and friendly, which is super mixture, so all questions are solved quickly and I could really concentrate on my studies and not on administrative, formal or other issues, which foreign students normally have. The second thing is in house German courses. At the end of the day, if you want to feel comfortable in the country you stay and have more career and personal opportunities  you need to speak German. And if you have tough study load, you really appreciate that someone already organized German courses of high quality for you. In one year I moved from German level 0 to B2 level, and not only me. You can value that once you are in Germany. And, of course, Leipzig  itself is great place for students (and it is not only my opinion). People are friendly and relaxed here. Half of the city has green areas. And, by the way, if you once see the back yard of HHL university house whit riverside you will fall in love with the place as I did:) I managed to find a job in Leipzig and I am very happy to stay here. “

Oleg Feedosev (Russia), Marketing Manager at Kontor Lighting Living GmbH, Germany


otto_domnariu_sebastianI have been accepted by 3 of the best business schools in Germany and I have chosen HHL due to its professors, due to its worldwide prestige in Entrepreneurship and Strategy and finally due to the city. The HHL-Leipzig mix sets the perfect balance for studying, networking and enjoying life. My MBA class was very diverse – I had colleagues from over 15 countries and with different professional backgrounds. The program was very well structured and allowed me to live a full international experience. Moreover, another reason why I chose HHL for my MBA studies was the possibility to do an internship, as for me doing an internship was of great importance. Firstly, it allowed me to interact with a company of my choice before taking a long term decision about joining them and second, it helped me build a strong bridge to a future career on the German job market.

I did my internship with Continental, in Hannover, in the Brand and Business Management Department of the EMEA tire business and it lasted for six months. After that, my manager gave me the possibility to continue for another three months and develop my master thesis project within her unit. One week after my thesis and my MBA were completed, I was starting my new position as a Corporate Real Estate Manager for Continental AG. The HHL MBA internship proved to deliver my desired outcome and the key ingredient was access to a vast network that HHL has built in Germany and abroad.

Sebastian Domnariu (Romania), Corporate Real Estate Manager at Continental, Germany


ajdukovic_ana“I worked for the non-for-profit sector for several years and through my work I become increasingly interested in expanding my knowledge as well as my professional skills in business management. I chose HHL since I believe that it will provide me an excellent grounding in business as well as sector expertise which would enable me to fully break into the business world. With its international character and outstanding academic qualifications, HHL is more than a place where you are given the opportunity to excel in your personal and professional life, HHL is the community you want to belong to.”

Ana Ajdukovic (Serbia), current MBA student


dimitrov_deyanMy first contact with HHL was last year at an MBA fair in Sofia;  Germany was already on the top of my list because I already did an internship there and I am interested in the German culture and literature, so the main question for me was which business school in Germany to choose?  After the meeting with HHL, I evaluated my different options and decided to submit my application here.  

Why did I decide for HHL’s MBA program? First of all, I liked the flexible structure of the program and the wide variety of elective modules, allowing me to customize my own program, according to my professional and personal interests. Furthermore, the program includes an internship as a part of its curriculum, giving me the chance to gain additional working experience abroad, before going to the job market. An additional advantage of HHL is the different financing opportunities for students from Eastern Europe. One the one hand, there is the  HHL Eastern Europe Scholarship Program, providing a partial tuition reduction, and the scholarship from the Karl Kolle Foundation, available only for HHL students from the Eastern European region and meant to help them to cover the living costs while studying in Leipzig. Last but not least, as EU citizen I was also eligible for a student credit. HHL partners with Sparkasse Leipzig to offer an educational loan, covering the full tuition fee of the MBA program and the only condition for receiving the loan is having an offer from HHL – there are no other requirements for previous income, and the students do not need to present additional securities.

Two months after the start of my MBA program, I am very happy with my choice and I am enjoying my time in Germany. To me, Leipzig is a very attractive city and because of its geographic location, it’s an interesting mixture of Eastern and Western Europe, both culturally and architecturally. Additionally, I like the fact that Leipzig has a lot of things to offer for people who are interested in music, classic or modern. I am looking forward to visiting the Wave Gothic Festival next year!”

Deyan Dimitrov (Bulgaria), current MBA student



If you wish to become one of them and join our international community, don’t miss the next event in your city. Find out more about the upcoming events in Moscow, Bucharest, Sofia and Belgrade and get in touch with our recruiter for further details and for information regarding special scholarships for candidates from the Easter European region. See you there!

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