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We like to thank all visitors, candidates, supporters, students and staff for the great HHL Master Information Day we have on November 11, 2016.


okawa_yohai“Thank you very much for everything on Friday. This visit was far more fruitful than I expected and has already paid off, except for a slight jetlag that somehow I started having just after the city tour yesterday. At your school, I found all of you incredibly brilliant, energetic and also so friendly as if we have known each other for a long time and came to think that it is the quality of highly minded global leaders to make me feel embraced.

In open lectures, this experience provided me with a new perspective. Even on such E-commerce that has already become a part of our daily life, by focusing and analyzing from an academical and conceptual approach, we can reacknowledge not only an pragmatical implication how to develop the idea into our business but also its magnitude of change and responsibility for what we would bring our society by employing this as present or future leaders who to be given a right to make decisions. Through a few hours of the classes, I feel like having discerned its significance and clearer meaning to broaden my horizons in various aspects on top of my specialty, finance in your school.

SPINLAB tour convinced me right all that were impressing me through the campus visit. This is one of the examples that challenges by all related parties of HHL are realizing results and already begun to make the society better. Also, before the visit, I was wondering how this movement could happen in such a city as Leipzig yet now know how much major role HHL is playing in the procedure. 

Well, overall, this visit became one of the most inspiring and unforgettable experiences in my recent life. Is this, so-called by you, to be falling love with HHL and Leipzig, isn’t it? 

In this city, the classic and modern are perfectly well coexistent and they impress me a lot. Thank you again for having created the opportunity to learn more about Leipzig with the HHL Explorer PackageEven after the wonderful time on the campus visit, you made my days. I thank you all indeed for the invitation and hope to see all of you here again in 2017.”

Yohei Okawa (Japan), HHL visitor


“I want to give a huge “Thank You” to the whole HHL team, who organized this incredibly enriching Information Day!

For me it was the first time to visit the campus of HHL and even the city of Leipzig and this great experience at HHL really showed me again, what´s possible when smart and highly motivated people come together to make a difference in the world. Through the day I learned that HHL is definitely the right spot to pursue your graduation, as here all important factors come together: High caliber professors & academic staff and smart and open minded students in an unbelievable great und motivating environment.

pauly_lukasAs a part of the Information Day it was possible for me to attend a daily lecture with current HHL students and I experienced a teaching style, which I have never seen before in other classes. The students really were a part of the class and they not only participated in class, but they really designed their own lecture together with the advice of the professor. And due to the diverse background of the students, you were able to see the shine in the eyes of all participants when their brain got enriched by the experiences and the knowledge of the other classmates.

Besides all this I was surprised of the campus of HHL, which is immediately located in the middle of the sport faculty of Leipzig University. Because of this special location, I learned that all students of HHL are allowed to use all the facilities of the sport faculty as well, including a swimming pool, sport halls and even a gym. This will definitely save you a lot of money while studying at HHL and it gives you the opportunity to balance yourself after some heavy classwork or your work on case studies.

I personally stayed in Leipzig for the whole weekend and I made use of the Explorer Package provided and organized by HHL staff on Saturday. As a part of this package I experienced the impressive city of Leipzig and some other cool places to spent your free time while living in Leipzig. Another participant of the Information Day from Japan and I really enjoyed our trip through Leipzig and we understood each other that well that we decided to spent the whole weekend together, where we had the chance to discuss our experiences of the Information Day and furthermore lots of other topics as i.e. international politics, business opportunities and our personal goals in life.

All in all, I want to thank the whole HHL organizing team (including staff & students) and all other participants of the Information Day again for their warm welcome in Leipzig and the opportunity to experience one of Europe´s best business school and a great city at the same time on only one weekend! I am really looking forward to see you all again in September next year!”

Lukas Pauly (Germany), HHL visitor

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