New cooperation and location in Cologne from November 2016

With STARTPLATZ, HHL has found a new partner and a great external study location. Founded in 2012 in the heart of Cologne, it is not only an incubator but also a very attractive meeting point for the startup community.  It was founded by the directors of „Familie Gräf Holding GmbH“, Dr. Lorenz Gräf and Matthias Gräf. Similar to HHL, STARTPLATZ supports young founders with the strategic further development and successful transformation of their business ideas. Thus, it fits perfectly to HHL’s  entrepreneurial vision.

On about 3.200 square meters in the very convenient area of the Mediapark, STARTPLATZ serves as an event location. Furthermore, it offers modern coworking spaces and team offices. Hence, STARTPLATZ provides a great working atmosphere for our students.

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