HHL gave me tools to further develop my career

HHL full-time MBA alumnus Bar Aloni: “HHL gave me tools to further develop my career”

Bar Aloni, HHL graduate from Israel, finished his studies in the full-time MBA program in 2016. After finishing HHL he did a short internship at Sergey Frank International (management consultancy), and then, in January 2017, joined acáo as a controller. acáo is a young company and a trend leader in the natural-energy drinks market. He presents interesting insights into how he made it into the German labor market and what his current job challenges are:

Before HHL I have served in the military, gained experience in sales and IT, completed a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering & Management and worked for a while as a controller of construction projects in Israel.

I came to Germany as a descendant of a German family and was always curious about the country. Living, working and discovering the very same place that my grandfather had to escape so many years ago, is somewhat a closure for me. I find the people I meet along the way, especially the younger generation, very open and welcoming. In the working aspect, there are plenty of differences between here and Israel, such as working culture, intensity, formality and more. Generally, I find the German employment and social system comfortable, supportive, and protecting for the individual. The language barrier can be an obstacle for those who intend to work here. Taking part in HHL’s great language courses can help foreign students to make themselves more relevant candidates and ease the later integration process.

In addition, HHL’s Career Service offers a helpful support. When deciding to stay and work here, they had useful recommendations on how to improve my search and adjust it to the German market. Looking back, the decision to do an internship seems to have made a good transition phase between studying and full employment.

From the learning perspective, taking part in the international MBA program of HHL, which is so diversified in cultural background and many other aspects, emphasized the impact that those differences can have on a team. Topics that are important even among homogenous teams, such as setting expectations, keeping a clear communication and defining goals and schedule, became crucial for our ability to properly collaborate and meet the demanding delivery expectations. I find those teamwork guidelines very helpful not only in a studying environment but also in practice.

Now I am happy to be part of acáo, which except for a leading brand and valuable partnerships also has an enthusiastic team, full of creativity and drive to improve the content of the world’s fridges. My main focus here is to help channeling those strengths into not only a fast growth but also a smart growth. In the fast moving environment of beverages, we must be flexible, innovative, and able to respond quickly. My tasks include ongoing functions such as cash-flow control, budgeting, resources management, and maintaining a continual clear overview, as well as long-term and procedural ones as strategy implementation, financial planning, sales.

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