HHL at the Handelsblatt Pathfinder event

Anika Baumhauer, Dominik Schwital, Jakob Fenzl, TaĆ­s Cristina Simas Moreira da Costa (from the left)

Written by Jakob Fenzl, Full-time MBA


Thanks to HHL’s media partnership with the German newspaper ‘Handelsblatt’ we were given the great opportunity to participate in this year’s ‘Handelsblatt Pathfinder’ event in Berlin. It is an exclusive event, which brings together CEOs of Germany’s leading companies, futurists and thinkers of our day, and young talents. During inspiring talks we discussed the most disruptive future trends in technology and how companies need to adjust their business models to stay competitive.

CEOs of Daimler, Siemens, Vodafone, Deloitte and others gave us insights into their businesses and shared their vision of the future with us. We learned how dedication, pioneering spirit, and mindful leadership play an ever-increasing role in today’s and tomorrow’s business. Other highlights of the conference were Nico Rosberg’s talk on his new life mission after his Formula 1 career as well as a presentation of the lunar module of PT Scientist GmbH’s expedition to the moon. All in all, ‘Pathfinder’ took us on an extraordinary journey into the future and left us with great impulses on how to prepare ourselves for it.

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