HHL as Door Opener at Stern Stewart & Co.

Full-time MSc Alumnus Dr. Dominik Kanbach: „HHL is a great door opener and offers valuable chances – you just have to take them!”

Since 2017, Dr. Dominik Kanbach is Project Manager at Stern Stewart & Co., where he started his career as Consultant in 2012 after finishing his Master in Management at HHL. In 2015 he came back to campus in order to write his doctoral thesis with the Chair of Strategic Management. The thesis is dedicated to the topic of corporate entrepreneurship. Dominik is happy to look back on his time at HHL and what he took out of the program.

„In consulting you are always confronted with new challenges, either in a new sector or in new topics that you are facing. Each project is different and every client has to solve very individual problems which require me as Project Lead to show commitment and persistence. Taking the chance and face challenges like this on a daily basis makes the job very meaningful to me and pushes my team and me to top performance.  

During my studies at HHL, I already established the contact to the strategy consultancy Stern Stewart & Co. via an alum of the school. After some conversations about the company, I applied and was offered an internship position. I took this great opportunity whilst I realized that the Stern Stewart & Co. offered exactly the working environment I was looking for. Therefore, I directly started as Consultant in Munich after I have finished my Master. Almost 3 years later, I returned to HHL’s campus when starting with my dissertation. The educational leave was a great opportunity to brush up my theoretical knowledge, to develop and grow personally besides the job and become part of HHL´s great research community. HHL Dean Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner was an inspiring sparring partner as supervisor of my doctoral thesis, in addition, I highly appreciated the mutual exchange with other doctoral students.

My time at HHL has shown that you can achieve what you are seeking for when working hard and collaborate as team – an integral part of the outstanding “HHL spirit” I experienced both as a Master student and as a Ph.D. candidate. For me personally, the time was enriching to the extent that I met a lot of friends and built up a valuable network. Both stays beyond the campus. HHL has been opening doors for me and the school offers great chances – it depends on you to seize these opportunities.

As I have been able to gather lots of valuable experiences at HHL I keep in touch with staff, and faculty and I am always happy to come back to campus which I do on a regular basis, either a member of the Admission Committee or as a guest lecturer in lectures and case studies for current students. Moreover, I give something back when helping students who want to start with Stern Stewart & Co. since the support of the alumni network helped me a lot as well during the application process more than 6 years ago.


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