HHL Alumni Association as long-standing partner

From HHL for HHL: HHL Alumni Association as long-standing partner supporting the National Scholarship and additional projects at the school

The HHL Alumni Association is one of HHL’s most established partners while the members of the board are always seeking to support HHL and its further development as one of Europe’s top business schools. In this context, the board proactively supports quite a number of activities at HHL that foster excellent research, teaching, and transfer at HHL.

One pillar of the commitment for our school is the long-term support of the National Scholarship which has been started in 2013. This year, the HHL Alumni Association supports two excellent candidates and Dirk Schuran (P6), President of the HHL Alumni Association, states: “As board, we want to support ambitious HHL’lers in order to provide them with the opportunity to focus on their studies and achieve excellent academic results. At the same time, we have a strong interest in giving something back to HHL as our alma mater since we benefitted a lot from the school, its reputation, the network, and the opportunities we took out of the MBA program.”

Dirk and his fellow board members look very much forward to meeting the National Scholars and the mutual exchange. Keeping the strong bonds with HHL and its alumni is what drives their engagement for the Alumni Association. Thereby, it is important to also build a strong relationship with the students as future alumni. HHL is delighted to have the HHL Alumni Association as a strong partner on board.

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