HHL’s MBA Student Prepares for Harvard World Model UN Conference in Korea

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This March, HHL’s MBA student Pamela Taylor will be attending the Harvard World Model United Nations conference in Seoul, Korea with the be.boosted delegation, which is made up of 12 students from top universities in Germany and Europe. In an interview, the US-born student tells us about this exciting project.

What is so unique about the Harvard World Model UN?

World UN 2015Harvard World Model UN is the self-purported “Olympics of MUN.” It is the largest and most international university-level MUN competition that takes place outside of North America. It is organised by students at Harvard University and over 2,000 participants from about 70 different countries participate.

What activities are expected from you while you are in South Korea?

In order to prepare for Harvard World MUN, delegates do extensive research of the country their delegation has been chosen to represent; in our case, Morocco. Before the conference delegates write position papers to outline what their country needs, wants or will not support.

At the conference, delegates will participate in one committee with a specific agenda, such as the IMF, High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, or the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. In these committees delegates deliver speeches and engage in public debate to discuss solutions to the goals of the committee in relationship to their own country. Likewise, delegates work with other committee members to write up draft resolutions that offer concrete suggestions for action.

How come that you were selected to participate?

I was selected by the be.boosted delegation through a 2-step application process. Of the over 400 students who sent in applications, about 60 applicants were invited to a follow-up interview either online or in-person. The in-person interview was conducted in individual and group interviews and hosted at Bain & Company’s flagship office in Munich. I was selected for the delegation, along with 11 other applicants. be-boosted had such a strong applicant pool that they created a secondary, delegation to train for a different conference, London International Model UN (LIMUN), at the end of February.

How do you prepare for the event?

be.boosted has the perspective that MUN is a great setting for developing the skills needed in all future leaders, whether they choose to go into politics, business or academia. Therefore be.boosted provides us with trainings that develop skills that won’t just be relevant in Seoul, but also later in life.

As our delegation is spread out all over Germany and, thanks to internships and study abroad terms, many times across the world, we have weekly online meetings with our delegation where we train on subjects such as effective communication, diplomatic language and persuasion. Likewise, we often have experts as special guests on these meetings, such as the head of McKinsey’s Munich office, internationally renowned psychologists, and medical doctors who have been actively working in developing nations.

In addition to the online weekends, we have several offline weekends in order to work on certain skills that require face-to-face interaction, such as MUN simulations, negotiation case studies, amongst others. Our offline weekends are sponsored by our strategic partners, Allianz Insurance and Bain & Company, and usually involve a workshop presented by one of our sponsoring partners.

Finally, I will be attending the LIMUN at the end of February along with the second delegation, in order to get real, “live” experience participating in a Model United Nations conference.

What do you personally expect from the event?

My personal goal is to contribute substantial content for the resolution that passes at the end of the day. For my group, I want to contribute to us winning “Best Delegation,” as we did at last year’s conference in Brussels.

More generally speaking, I want to take advantage of the networking opportunities I will have to get to know some of the brightest students in the world.

Good luck, dear Pamela, and thank you very much for the interview!