Globalization Influences Good Leadership

Executive MBA students of HHL and EADA on globalization and leadership

The “America first” slogan of the U.S. President Donald Trump as well as the recently concluded World Economic Forum make us rethink the topics of leadership and globalization. What do these terms mean to international managers though? Students from the Global Executive MBA Program of HHL and EADA Business School as well as Tobias Dauth, the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Junior Professor in International Management at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, present their views.

“How Do I Handle Intercultural Conflicts?”

Tobias Dauth, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Junior Professor in International Management at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

“My International Management class touches on questions of globalization and leadership. Among other things, we discuss international expansion of companies. In this context, we analyze the globalization-related challenges for everyday practice. The students know that intercultural issues can be tackled through good corporate management and leadership.

Globalization influences good leadership. Just think about leading international and simultaneously virtual teams, for instance. This form of cooperation is greatly driven by the globalization of business activities. How do I motivate my colleagues who work solely in virtual teams? How do I handle intercultural conflicts? These are the questions which executives will have to deal with more intensively.

Of course, I want to teach knowledge in my class. Another important aspect of learning lies within the students’ self-reflection which the class seeks to promote as well. What effect do my behavior and communication have on other people? What do (international) team members expect from my leadership? We examine these questions and the answers are the key lessons.”

“The Global EMBA Strengthens My Leadership Skills”

Kuralai Manasbayeva (Kazakh), Head of Finance and Accounting, Toyota Kazakhstan

Globalization to me personally is implementing some common standards that have been developed and have successfully worked in one country or company to the rest of the world.

So far working for Toyota in Kazakhstan I see more positive impact of that, where a standard model is introduced in different countries. And for Kazakhstan it gives the possibility to acquire the techniques and practical instruments for doing successful business. 

Talking about ‘Responsive and responsible leadership’, the motto of this year’s World Economic Forum, I would say that stronger countries would take leadership that would benefit world economy in general not only following their own interests.

The Global EMBA study program gives me more confidence in my knowledge and skills which would definitely help me to strengthen my leadership skills.”

“Responsive Leadership Should Benefit From Every Input”

Henning Nelles (German), Consultant, Jones Lang LaSalle

“Globalization leads to more transparency in understanding cultures on a professional as well as private level. It also leads, in the reaction, to open markets and borders and the challenge to accept and handle it. We currently face the result of globalization and the challenge in what it means to intercommunicate with people with a different background.

The influence of globalization on me personally as a manager is the following: The market becomes more diverse, competitive and, based on the intercultural exchange, more challenging. This is also partly due to the absolutely different style of working, communication and commitment, which cannot be entirely covered and identified by email, calls and, partly, by VC.

It occurs, in most long established firms, that the management does not relate to the leadership topics requested by the inventors of modern leadership and management skills. Responsive Leadership should respect the individual as well as the corporation’s interest in an effective way and should benefit from every input.”

“The Leadership Learning at the Global EMBA Will Distance Us From Non-Inclusive Models”

Vinicius Petroni (American, Brazilian, Italian), Product Line Manager, Eaton Corporation

“Being responsible for driving profitable growth in the USA, Canada and Mexico with manufacturing locations in Mexico, Dominican Republic, USA, Hungary, India and China exposes me to what globalization is. Our global locations have to work cohesively as teams to support our customer demands while delivering excellence in shareholder value. 

Globalization has increased the overall wealth of the globe, but has not benefited everyone positively in the last 20 years. Innovation has spurred progress in most of the economic cycles and, overall, society has benefited from it, but new technologies may also impact employment and political stability negatively. Responsive and responsible leadership in this context is associated with continuing commercial progress without losing sight of social progress.

The Global EMBA diversity in both professional and geographical aspects gives me the opportunity to better understand different points of view on business issues, and develop a deeper understanding on how diverse teams need inclusiveness to fully take advantage of those points of view. Leading diverse teams involves the observation of the storming stages of team formation and handling the inclusion of all team members. 

The leadership learning at the Global EMBA will distance us from the typical homogeneous or diverse non-inclusive models and will give us tools to effectively create and lead teams to deliver superior performance in a global context.”

“Globalization Changed the Manner in Which I Communicate With Colleagues and Acquaintances Alike”

Kevin Fernandes (Indian, Portuguese, Brazilian), External Consultant at Coleman Research Group/former Partner at One Capital Consulting SA

“At a personal level as a manager globalization has enhanced my personal understanding of multi-cultural and cross functional project teams. After having spent the last two decades in various countries in different roles, my personal experience in a globalized world changed the manner in which I communicate with colleagues and acquaintances alike by having a different and adaptive point of view tuned to my present residence and employment location.   

Responsive and responsible leadership is for every manager to hold him/herself accountable to his/her environment, colleagues and company in which a manager should have the foresight to pick-up on frequently changing trends either for professional or personal needs. These trends may relate to the manner in which we communicate, shop, travel, etc.   

The benefits of the Global EMBA program are realized through discussions with other participants and faculty associated with the program. The discussions give a point of view different to one’s own thereby creating another thought process or idea for oneself to think about and work upon.“ 




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