Globalization and Leadership at HHL

Megren Mohammad AlZalfawi (Saudi Arabian), Lead Project Engineer at SABIC about Globalization and Leadership at HHL

How do you personally define globalization?

Globalization is a mindset that includes tools, processes and knowledge which can unify the bases of different perceptions of systems and people. Globalization provides eventually a common language to talk and deal with for people who live in different spots of the world.

Megren Mohammad AlZalfawi (Saudi Arabian), Lead Project Engineer at SABIC

This year’s Economic Forum in Davos runs under the motto “Responsive and responsible leadership”: What do you personally associate with this kind of leadership?

The entire world has changed dramatically. The world which was seen for long time broad and wide has become as a small town having different orientations and fronts. The banner of Davos this year has shown clearly that the globe is preparing for more inclusion. Commonly the points of concern and interest for the globe were shared. The outcome was as there is a global common threat there will be a global common opportunity. The theme of Davos has vividly indicated that countries should level up their collaboration in order to leverage the inclusive growth. This for sure indicates to me that the globalization has become a major player and it has to be regarded for any successful organizations and businesses.

What influence does globalization have on you as a manager / executive?

As a leader, leading global packages requires a deep understanding for the aspects of globalization. Every meeting I started, every speech I gave and every team I led in Europe or even in Pacific countries required me to understand culture differences and build bridges between them. The influence I have gotten from the globalization would be shaped in navigating inputs to outputs and decoding what others see encoded.

How do you personally benefit from the GEMBA study program in terms of your own leadership style?

Programs provided by HHL & EADA are adequately fitting passionate pioneers who sow a dream and want to reap it. The way of teaching and the quality of instructors have reflected the preeminence of HHL & EADA. I have selected 2016 to start the program of Global Executive MBA since Saudi Arabia is living a transformational stage for strengthening its economy. Global Executive MBA program have shed light on understanding the fundamentals and keys of global businesses. That for sure will contribute making me proactively seize the opportunity of the transition of the economy of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Global Executive MBA program has provided me a remarkable engagement with professional people coming from different continents of the globe and that has exponentially leveraged my expertise toward a better understanding for leading business & entrepreneurship in a diverse world.

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