Germany as a challenge and an opportunity

sayantanThe IDT Biologika gained an unusual addition to its team on September 1. Sayantan Chattopadhyay, born in the Indian city of Calcutta, was enrolled at the
HHL Graduate School of Management in Leipzig since autumn 2015, and successfully completed the Master Program in General Management (MBA) here at the oldest business university in the German-speaking world. At the end of August, this 43-year-old father of two was named Germany’s best foreign student by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), in honor of his outstanding academic performance and exceptional social engagement. Sayantan Chattopadhyay’s dedication and modesty both came through in his conversation with IDT Global.


IDT Global: Mr. Chattopadhyay, what made you want to study in Germany?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: A quality education, a strong economy, and the opportunity to work with thoughtful, diligent and intelligent people – these three factors are what influenced my decision to come to Germany. I had been working as a mechanical engineer for 15 years, but the job had become very onotonous. There were no new challenges. So I decided to break away from my comfort zone and aim for new accomplishments.

IDT Global: How did your family respond to the news that you would be going to Germany?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: My family was already included in the planning phase. They supported me throughout, including in preparing for the entrance examination. We made the decision to come to Germany together. This step was only made possible with their support and encouragement. If I could work in Germany after I graduate, that would also be a huge opportunity for my daughter’s education.

IDT Global: What can you tell us about your previous career?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: My last workplace was an oil refinery in Qatar. I was responsible for machine maintenance in an LAB facility. At first this job was very exciting, but after a few years there were no new responsibilities or new things to learn. So in the end I was not being challenged.

IDT Global: Now you work in a completely different field. How did that happen?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: When I started my MBA, I opted for engineering sciences. But during my studies, a professor strongly encouraged me to move into finance. I found this field very interesting. The professor was excellent and kept me excited and curious.

IDT Global: What does the 2016 DAAD award mean for you?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: I was very happy and also proud to receive this award. I have HHL to thank for it, because the school was so supportive of my studies. That is what made this award possible.

IDT Global: How did you come to IDT Biologika and what is your work here?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: I received a German scholarship grant for my Master’s studies. IDT funded half of this grant. So from that time forward I was in regular contact with the IDT human resources department. I made it clear that I would like to do an internship here, and they gave me this opportunity. Now I’m working in the company’s finance department. I really like this work. Everyone on the team is very supportive. The job is very focused on quantitative analysis. And that is something I’m very interested in.

IDT Global: What impression has IDT made on you so far?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: Everybody is very helpful and friendly. If I have a question or a problem, I can turn to anybody. That is an excellent experience. And above all, I can apply the knowledge I gained in my MBA studies to my work here.

IDT Global: How long will you stay with the company?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: I’ve been an intern here since September 1, and I’m staying until February 28, so six months in all. But then I’m also going to write my Master’s dissertation about IDT Biologika, so that’s another three months.

IDT Global: What plans do you have for the future?
Sayantan Chattopadhyay: That depends on many things. I want to stay in the financial field, because I really enjoy this work. That is my biggest goal. I would also very much like to stay in Germany, because I like the people and the lifestyle here.


Author: Marco Henze | Photo: Hartmut Bösener


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