GEMBA Offers Insights Into China

GEMBA Offers Insights Into China

The Global Executive MBA Program (GEMBA) of German HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and Spanish Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración (EADA) consists of six compulsory modules of which three must be completed in Germany and three in Spain. Another two of three electives have to be completed at renowned business schools in Brazil, India or China. Regarding China, the coastal regions have been the drivers of growth and modernization – hence the choice to hold the module in the country’s third largest city, Guangzhou, is only a logical consequence.

Global Executive MBA Program (GEMBA) of German HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management The 10-million-metropolis at China’s southern coast is the central trading hub of the region with the province Guangdong being known as the workbench of the world. As the political leaders have now announced to transform the country into a high-tech economy, Guangzhou is a perfect place to watch this transformation evolve.

The company visits of the GEMBA class during the study week reveal how f.e. the textile industry struggles to maintain its competitive advantage. Also – as the manufacturing is moving inland – how can high-tech companies find their place? Lingnan College is an ideal place to start exploring these questions. With the campus grounds as a green lung, Lingnan College offers a quiet study environment while being in a vibrant city at the same time. Professors and staff are very experienced in delivering international exchange and study programs. Additionally, the proximity to Hong Kong allows for the participants to understand the contrast between mainland China and the former British colony. Says Dr. Björn Mathes, current student in the GEMBA program, “Overall, with many participants being in China the first time, the study tour presents a great opportunity to get a first glimpse of this vast country, and how the cultural differences may impact consumer behavior and business relations.” Besides, two classes of the Global Executive MBA program met in China to network and chat over a cup of Chinese tea and Cantonese cuisine.

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