From Uzbekistan to PUMA, Germany

Gulchekhra Bakeberg (Uzbekistan), HHL full-time MBA Alumna, HR Business Partnering at PUMA Europe

Gulchekhra tells us in an interview why did she decide for the MBA and how she came to her job at PUMA…

Why an MBA in Germany?

I wanted to relocate to Germany. It was quite clear to me that in order to be competitive in the European Talent Market and find a dream job in an international company, I would need comparable education and experience.

What did you learn from HHL?

I would say a mindset shift is the biggest take away from the business school. Of course, topics we learned, experiences we did together with my classmates are also at a great service for me, and I refer to them quite often. But I think the mindset shift makes this knowledge more valuable. I see the picture much broader now and far beyond the HR specifics. Before I come up with a solution, I usually ask myself what real measurable benefits it can bring to people and the company? Is it adding additional complexity? Will I buy this idea if I would be a business owner?

Why did you decide for your current job?

I am a Sr. HR Business Partner Europe.  My role is to provide the management with professional HR expertise, support them in decision process related to people and organizational development, consult employees on their professional growth, and of course,  to ensure we do all that using modern HR tools, technics, and technologies. The role requires specific functional knowledge, skills and awareness  (i.e.  HR related) like recruiting,  labor law, dynamics of the talent markets, HR administration, you list them. Also an understanding of the company business, its challenges, and opportunities, economic environment, forces and trends influencing talents choices, their skills and needs inside and outside the company.

The Company, I just love PUMA. I had a luck to do my internship in Global Strategy department at PUMA as a part of my MBA program and during this time I realized this is my environment, this is my company, from the product it makes until culture and people it has.


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