From HHL to the Startup Melting pot on the Spree River

More and more HHL alumni pursue a career in the biggest German startup hub Berlin. The strategic orientation of HHL predestines its students and graduates for an entrepreneurial career.

Berlin is a founder metropolis for start-ups across all industries and all development stages: from the early bird FinTech business to the established e-commerce company. The German capital is one of Europe’s top hotspots when it comes to innovative, dynamic, digital and start-up friendly environments. In 2017, the scene has been the city’s number one key growth driver.

As HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management traditionally is the epitome of entrepreneurial spirit, is it hardly surprising that a growing number of our former business school students are founding their own business or are joining start-ups and innovation labs after graduation. Berlin as a start-up hub plays an increasingly important role for them, too. As a graduate school for entrepreneurs, HHL implements the subject in teaching and learning across all full- and part-time MBA and M.Sc. programs – both, in theory, and practice.

“Berlin is an amazingly fertile soil for startups that are exploring new paths: an international and excellently trained talent pool, positive funding climate and an affordable and scalable infrastructure. All this is nurtured by one of the most colorful, expanding and vibrant cities in Europe” says Matthias Fuchs, works in Venture Development at the Berlin-based Lufthansa Innovation Hub. Beforehand, he used to work as a Product Owner for the fintech start-up N26. In 2015, he finished his Master in Management (M.Sc.) at HHL. He adds: “At Lufthansa Innovation Hub, we are exploring the new every day: how will digitalization impact the business model of airlines? Which digital products and services will shape the happy journey of tomorrow’s traveler?”

Besides the strong collaboration with SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator, which supports the growth of entrepreneurial teams, the resilient network of HHL Alumni is another success factor. The numbers speak for themselves: already more than 250 successfully established start-ups, over 10,000 created jobs and several hundred million euros of collected venture capital show impressively the outcome of HHL’s efforts as an incubator for entrepreneurship.

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