From HHL for HHL – Alumni engage for their alma mater

HHL Alumnus Tobias Luft supports National Scholarship at HHL

The National Scholarship program at HHL is more than financial support that fosters excellent academic achievements. Since 2011, HHL awards the best students who also show strong commitment for HHL, as well as social projects with that scholarship. Thereby, the school is always grateful to get sponsors on board that match the amount of support funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Crucial contribution to education and development of future generations

In the past, HHL was able to get supporters from the HHL alumni network on board. One of them is HHL alumnus Tobias Luft (P4), Chairman of Wohnungsgenossenschaft Transport eG (WOGETRA) who did his Master in Business Administration at HHL. Since 3 years already, Tobias supports the National Scholarship: “With this commitment, I seek to contribute to the education of future managers who will be HHL’s ambassadors throughout Germany and worldwide”.

Sponsor and awardee benefit from mutual exchange

In the context of his engagement at HHL, Tobias also builds a strong relationship with the scholars when meeting up with them for lunch or providing them with special insights into projects his company is currently conducting, such as a comprehensive refurbishment project of a building in Leipzig Grünau which was exciting to see for HHL student Elisa Böldicke who received the WOGETRA Scholarship last year: “It was interesting to see how the project developed since I saw an area that was not renovated yet as first and afterwards we visited one of the completely refurbished apartments. The progress was amazing. Therefore, I look already forward to seeing the final result when the project has been finished”. Elisa is currently studying in the doctoral program at HHL after having completed her Master in Management. Afterwards, she joined the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair for Business Ethics.

In the context of the mutual exchange with Tobias Elisa says: “Business ethics is often seen as abstract and as lacking of practical relevance. Therefore, I am focussed to put all my research and academic efforts into a practical relevant ethic that can be applied to real business cases. Hereby, the discussion with Tobias about diverse topics is very helpful, such as how WOGETRA gets its tenants on board when refurbishing measures are necessary.

The National Scholarship accelerates motivation

Looking back to the engagement that supported Elisa, Tobias concluded: “With the National Scholarship we seek to provide an additional asset for showing excellent academic preformance. At the same time, we want to encourage the scholar to further succeed. Thereby, we contribute to research and learning success in the region”.