Friends for Life when Studying at HHL

How to take the best out of HHL’s part-time Master in Management program: HHL Alumna Anja made friends for life when studying at HHL

The part-time Master in Management program at HHL offers the great chance to gain the latest knowledge from research, highly practical relevant content and an excellent network. Once a month, part-time M.Sc. students learn in small classes and benefit from the professors as well as fellow students, as HHL alumna Anja emphasizes: “At HHL I did not only learn a lot about management and entrepreneurship but also found friends for life. The education at HHL is great but the people, you are studying with, make it an even more worthwhile experience. I learned a lot from my fellow students“.  Anja finished her part-time Master at HHL in 2014 and joined Deloitte as Senior Consultant afterward.

Besides the access to a great network, the Master in Management degree from HHL also provides you with the opportunity to gain a university degree from one of the most renowned Business Schools in Germany. “HHL provides an excellent education while being extremely international. For me, this combination was the perfect fit. Also, HHL offered a part-time program, which is fairly rare in Germany. I wanted to study while continuing to work”, as Anja says.

In order to support students who are working full-time HHL designed its part-time Master in Management program as flexible as possible. From Fall 2017 onwards, you will have the chance to chose between the campus in Leipzig or our two study locations in Cologne or Munich. Interested in the part-time M.Sc. program?

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Online Q&A Session with part-time M.Sc. Alumna Anja

All those who are interested in HHL and its part-time M.Sc. program are most welcome to join a special Q&A Session with HHL Alumna Anja Wittig who graduated last year in Master in Management from HHL and looks forward to answering your questions regarding the program and the school.

When? Please feel warmly invited to join the Online Q&A Session on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, at 7 pm.

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