First week in Leipzig

written by Andreea-Silvana Gagu (Romania), HHL Exchange Student | Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Making the most out of my time here

silvanaMy name is Silvana and I’m from Romania.

Why did I choose Germany and HHL

I already have some international experience (Work and Travel in USA, Exchange student for a year in France, different projects and events in Austria, Greece, France, Turkey) but this time I choose Germany due to the very good positioning of HHL even in the world rankings. The strong relationship between the university and different companies was also an important aspect for me as I have already had previous work experience in a big IT multinational. It was a real pleasure to meet colleagues who have even more work experience than me and with whom I will have to work in different group projects. The fact that the library is open 24/7 and has great databases is another aspect that I enjoyed and it would be useful when writing my thesis.

About my first week in Leipzig

From the beginning I tried to create a unified group even if we are from so many different countries. In this regards, apart from the city tour, we have managed already to visit the Cospuden Lake which was great, the Zoo, different pubs, some bars and we have also made a barbeque at the university which was a little bit new for me.


Now I’m looking forward to see to how the Corporate Innovation Seminar with Porsche is going to be and also to what student initiatives I can bring my contribution to.


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