Experiences of outgoing & incoming students

Outgoing students

Benita Moser, MSc14 – insights from ESAN in Peru:
“For my semester abroad I wanted to experience a culture as different as possible to my own. Therefore, I decided go to Peru. Lima didn’t fall short of my expectations. It is a crazy jungle full of controversies, within a few kilometers you can find yourself between the greatest of wealth but also extreme poverty. It is simply fascinating to be living in a developing country which fights for progress and rights which are commonly taken for granted in Western Europe e.g.
environmental protection. Before setting sail for Peru, I already knew that the Peruvian cuisine is known to be one of the best in the world. But the country has to offer so much more than that. You can experience all climate zones, from the jungle to the desert and the ocean to the highest mountains without having
to cross a single border.”

Nicholas Minkner, MSc14 – insights from ISCTE Business School in Portugal:
“From the beginning on I was amazed by this place. The “white city” as it’s called has culturally lots of things to offer. It really takes a while to get to know this beautiful place and lots of  alking is included as Lisbon is built on seven hills. Not joking, you will be in a good shape after a longer stay in Lisbon! Aside from the typical sights, all the walking tours and very good coffee, the Lisbon area has not only amazing weather to offer but also beautiful beaches close by, inviting for a swim or surf. Finally, the city’s nightlife is very active and leaves plenty of options for all days of the week. This becomes especially interesting as Lisbon is culturally diverse, hosting not only Portuguese but also people from all over the world, including many international exchange students making this city one of the biggest Erasmus destinations all over Europe.”

Incoming students

Looking Back & Saying Goodbye In looking back at the Fall Term we had some exciting times together with our exchange, new, and continuing HHL students. We would like to say Goodbye to all of our AF16 exchange students. We want to thank them for choosing to spend their term abroad at HHL. It has been a delight getting to know each of you. We were glad to have you all here and wish you all the best for your future! But, as every ending is a new beginning, we also look forward to welcoming our 12 new exchange students who will join HHL at the beginning of January.

Past events

weimarDay trip to Weimar: On November 16th, we went on a day trip to Weimar with a group of 25 exchange and full-time students. We first had a guided walking tour telling us more about the culturally very significant history of Weimar, especially about the most famous past inhabitant – German author and poet Johann W. Goethe. After the city tour we had lunch and then visited the Goethe Residence. Although everything was really interesting, and the city is small but really beautiful, the rain and the cold made it a little hard to enjoy it fully. However, the mood was good and we got to get to know each other better.



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