EuroMBA Residential Week: 8 Business Models in 5 Days

In January 2018, participants of the EuroMBA program stayed at HHL in Leipzig for their so-called residential week. Eight student teams, very diverse in culture and experience, had to build a digital business model around the customer’s need including different group working sessions. Last Friday, they introduced their business models to the audience of fellow students who gave critical feedback and asked questions.

The students presented their proposals with a lot of humor, charm and irony while staying focused on a high-level showcasing. Furthermore, they included a lot of creative multimedia content, e.g. videos and photos of their LEGObuilt customer experience journeys.

Regarding the presentation, it was striking to see how the intelligent and efficient use of big data was an increasingly relevant topic for all the groups’ digital business models. The students showed impressively how algorithms and fully automated manufacturing processes are permeating all aspects of daily life, e.g.:

  • an app for smart household management and service
  • an app for trendy, customized clothing with a sustainable manufacturing service concerning the whole supply chain
  • a SHOP’N GO app, which should revolutionize the shopping experience in retail stores by only tapping on the things with your smartphone, which you want to buy and get delivered
  • and many more interesting digital business models for applications.

In the end, the winner was an app called Waitless, which optimizes the doctor’s visit and everything around making it more time-effective by big data-based scheduling and much more. “We are so happy that out business model has been awarded at the end of this week of team project work. All the teams presented great business model ideas. Our group worked so well together and there was a very good team spirit”, says Kerstin, member of the winning team.