HHL Founders: “Entrepreneurs Need Role Models”

The 35-year-old Christopher Muhr is involved in the used car market. He co-founded the start-up Auto1 which now employs over 2,000 people in 24 countries.





At the Accelerate@HHL conference he spoke about his unquestionable desire to build up something in his career. After graduating from HHL’s first class of the Master in Management Program (M.Sc.) in 2008, Muhr initially worked in the M&A Department of NIBC Bank in Frankfurt. In 2009, he joined ecareer, a Rocket Internet venture, as a co-founder and Managing Director. Muhr is always on the go so he did not stay long at the online job market, founding and building up the discount platform MyCityDeal together with Christian Bertermann. The capitalization was carried financially by the Samwer brothers and Holtzbrinck Ventures. The start-up was sold to Groupon shortly after its establishment, where Christopher Muhr was appointed to the Board as new Senior Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“My entrepreneurial career shaped me as a person. At the beginning, you start looking at opportunities. Any day in anything you are doing you are looking at market opportunities. Your mindset gets trained in this direction,” says Muhr. Regarding entrepreneurial thinking and the stimulation of it, he says, “It needs more interaction between people running a company and visitors of events such as the Accelerate conference. Potential founders, I am sure, need role models. This interaction with role models I personally liked very much while studying at HHL.” At home, so the entrepreneur says, he had no role model. “It was good to study at HHL and to interact with people who went out and built their own ventures. At that time, I realized that they are all humans! The whole process thus got demystified.”

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