Enjoying to Look Beyond its own Nose

International Relations

International competence is essential for the success of a business leader. Global partnerships are therefore one of HHL’s key assets. Each year we welcome around 100 exchange and double degree-seeking students coming from our more than 130 partner universities. Yearly, around 100 HHL students spend a term abroad either at one of our partner universities or independently at a highly qualified university of their choice.

Singapore – Nanyang Business School

Hagen Fischer, M.Sc. student at HHLSingapore is a great place to be! I really like the internationality of the Master class here. Most of my classmates come from countries all across Asia. Not only that, but some of my fellow students are from the US, from South America or from Europe. Asia as a region is extremely dynamic; you can see and feel the pulse of change here every day.

Classes at Nanyang Business School (NBS) are very practice-oriented. Many courses rely on case studies and discussion, with less emphasis being put on the theoretical underpinnings. In comparison to my M.Sc. studies at HHL, I would say that the academic level of the classes here is slightly lower than at my German alma mater. Nonetheless, there is much more interaction with experienced, highly distinguished practitioners, be it associate professors, guest lecturers, or alumni. Students here are just as busy as at HHL. However, compared to HHL, most students’ outlooks are much more global, with many of them pursuing jobs outside of Singapore upon graduation.

Hagen Fischer, M.Sc. student at HHL


Maria BallaunPoland, Warsaw – Warsaw School of Economics

What I enjoy most at HHL is the real business school experience –the practical approach provided in all the courses. All the newly learned theory is almost immediately trained and put into practice. I believe that this is great preparation for my future business career. One of the best advantages of HHL for me is the professors sharing knowledge as well as business experience and exhibiting deep engagement to teach and motivate.

I highly value the possibility of interaction with many intelligent and ambitious students from all over the world. Although from time to time it gets very busy and stressful, at the end you are left with a nice feeling of accomplishment.

I really enjoy participating in many additional activities such as guest lectures, Venture Capital Club meetings or events organized by the International Centre. My home university – Warsaw School of Economics – is many times bigger than HHL. It has the same vibrant student life full of big scale projects and extracurricular activities. It’s a great pleasure to study here at HHL!

Maria Ballaun


Leah RobertsonCanada, Hamilton – McMaster University

I am very pleased to be at a school with a large population of international students. I don’t only learn about Germany and German Culture but I get a bit of exposure to many different cultures as well.  The professors I have had this semester so far are very enthusiastic about their subject and that makes the classes more enjoyable. One of the biggest differences between courses at HHL and at my home university, McMaster University, is the scheduling of courses. At home we have the same set of classes every week. Here every week is different. 

Leah Robertson


Stephanie NowellUSA, Chicago – University of Chicago Booth School of Business

So far, I am enjoying everything about HHL. I especially appreciate the welcoming nature of the students and staff as well as the practical nature of the courses. My MBA program back home in Chicago has 1,200 students, so the size compared to the one at HHL is the biggest difference. I think there are pros and cons to both program sizes. For example, my university offers 150+ courses per year, so there is a lot of variety or opportunity to go into more depth. However, the students at HHL develop much stronger relationships with classmates. At HHL, I especially appreciate the practical nature of the courses. For example, in the class Managing Consulting Projects, we didn’t just talk about how to manage a project and a team. We developed project plans and had mock meetings with our clients. I think having the opportunity to apply the theory we are learning in a concrete manner really helps solidify the learnings.

Stephanie Nowell


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