Doing Business in Emerging Markets

Written by Armin Gobereit, Global Executive MBA Alumnus

The GEMBA program offers a good way to get insights into the B(R)IC countries by the experiences in these countries as well as the valuable “Doing Business in…” courses. That’s why I decided to participate in all three of the elective modules instead of only two out of the three that are required.

In China, of course, I liked very much the city of Guangzhou and the culture. I came a few days earlier and did an organized city tour on bikes and learned a lot about history and development of the city. I can recommend that strongly. Also, the lectures were very good, not only content-wise but also the setting was intriguing with the somewhat still limited freedom of speech, while the Chinese professors and Chinese students seemed very open and internationally minded.

In Brazil, we learned about Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, where I got valuable insights to consider in my future career. And also, cachaça has now a different meaning for me. The cachaça lecture was absolutely enlightening and fun. And with one of our classmates coming from Sao Paulo originally, we had the chance to continue the “cachaça experience” with him and his family during a BBQ at their home.

In India, I have to highlight the nice and forthcoming professors, in particular, the great facilities and the organized activities outside the lectures. Also as part of the lectures in Supply Chain Management and Operations Management we had attractive company visits where we could discuss business with local managers. It is exciting to learn about such a vast and diverse country and its special history.
So all three countries bring in diverse facets to the program – for me personally, China is an exciting country with a massive market to be explored. I found Brazil market to be surprisingly complicated, but with high-potential though. The city life in Sao Paulo was a fantastic experience as well. India and Kolkata represent a completely different and exciting world in every aspect, which is difficult to cover within one week. Nevertheless, the IIM business school did their best to give us a first impression on the complexity of their country.

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