Be a Part of the Diverse & International Environment in Leipzig

Written by Luis Fernando Orozco Mora (Mexico)

It was early August just a day after I arrived in Leipzig, I decided to take a stroll in one of the many parks that surround the city. While enjoying a walk around the vastly forested park filled with families and friends I heard a familiar noise in the background, as I got closer the sounds and rhythms of reggaeton music were in full blast as people danced all over in an open air Latino party. While one of my major motivations to study an MBA in Germany was exactly to be in a diverse and international environment but just knowing that if I ever felt homesick there will always be a small but united Latino community in which I can interact in my own language.   

The relaxed eastern German vibe where the dress code is always casual, along with the ease of reaching any part of the city on a comfy tram ride made it easy for me to adapt to Leipzig. While the workload of group projects, courses, and researches truly challenged me and was more than I originally expected, there is always an opportunity to take some time off to visit one of the many sights and events the city has to offer. After a few months in this journey, the most welcomed surprise was where it most often hurts the most (wallet), living cost in Leipzig are comparable and in some cases even lower than in my own country. Nearly 3 months left in my MBA journey I´ve been able to hit a comfort zone and feel part of the community, having a busy social life both inside and outside HHL. 


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