How Companies Can Increase Innovativeness

How Companies Can Increase Innovativeness

Dissertation “Die Innovationsfähigkeit von Unternehmen. Messen, analysieren und steigern” (“Corporate innovativeness. Measuring, analyzing and improving”) by Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Between 2001 and today, DHL, the parcel and express delivery service of Deutsche Post AG, has installed more than 2,750 automatic parcel delivery stations. They were introduced in response to the increasing number of online orders by a mainly younger target group, who are working full-time. The idea of the so-called Packstation – a technological and process-related disruptive innovation – was developed by a small team within the logistics company, like an internal start-up acting almost independently and having to overcome internal opposition. The DHL example shows that companies have to reinvent themselves constantly in times of volatile markets. To achieve growth and competitive advantages, the constant development of innovation becomes a core competency. Companies also have to drive various innovation projects, which often greatly differ in type, speed and level of innovation, simultaneously. Classic process-oriented approaches of innovation management will encounter their limits.

Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer presents the result of six years of scientific research in his dissertation mentored by Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management: a management tool for companies wishing to shape the future of their markets and whose key competency is their innovativeness. For his dissertation, Dr. Meyer analyzed 300 international scientific studies on corporate innovation management. The book, published by BusinessVillage, is suited for students and teachers alike in the field of innovation as well as for managers and executives wishing to develop a deeper understanding of innovation.

Dr. Jens Uwe Meyer, who, according to the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, is one of “the leading experts on innovation in Germany”, defined four innovation types in his dissertation. According to the researcher, they each promote a different level of organizational creativity. “Establishing different types of innovation allows companies to identify the chances arising from technological and market trends faster and to transform them into specific development projects, to lead innovation to market maturity more quickly, to change directions upon recognizing mistakes more rapidly and to switch into incremental improvement mode with clearly defined processes faster after a successful market launch,” Dr. Meyer sums up.

Meyer, Jens-Uwe
Die Innovationsfähigkeit von Unternehmen:
Messen, analysieren und steigern
Publishing house: BusinessVillage GmbH, Göttingen
2015, 406 pages
ISBN 9783869803081
Available as a soft-cover and e-book.
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