Career Orientation workshop at HHL

Career Orientation workshop at HHL

Recently, we had a two-day “Career Orientation” workshop organized by the Career Services team of HHL. This workshop was specifically for the full-time HHL MBA students. What was really unique about this workshop was the fact that instead of focusing on our past career trail, it focused on key personal aspects to identify our core passion(s) in life, and how we can make these interests and passions an integral part of our future career goals.

The workshop started with a self-discovery journey in which all of us had to take a walk down the memory lane and write down buzzwords on special events of our life. We started remembering the good times right from our age of 5-10 years and came backwards till our current age. These events can be related to family, friends, education, leisure, and so on, and once you had collected your special memories, you shared your thoughts with another participant in the workshop. Some of the “experienced” lot, me for one, had to spend more time in this exercise, simply because we had just too many years to cover 🙂

Once we jogged our memories, we did the same exercise to identify our individual top three Interests, Characteristics, Activities, Knowledge, Values and Professional Environment Needs. Next, we reflected and shared why each one of them was so important to us. The objective of this entire process was to map our interests with our activities, brainstorm as a group, and identify our potential career options. The final outcome was three unique career options, based on a good balance of passion and skills, for each individual. We have to admit that all of us together did come up with a meaningful list of potential jobs for ourselves, although a few of them were downright “crazy” or “impossible” (maybe or maybe not) 🙂 A note of thanks from the entire group to Ms. Martina Beermann, Kati Dorsch, and Reshma Timilsina from HHL Career Services, for taking us through this experience. All in all, most of us came back with a positive experience and a will to use the workshop outcome to shape our future career.

Well, I am among the believers, and this is how my future “career-life” in Travel & Living looks like…

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