Deloitte meets HHL students to discuss the importance of due diligence in M&A transactions

Deloitte was invited to discuss M&A-related subjects with the MSc18 students on May 07. In this framework, Tanya Fehr (Director), Andreas Frisch (Director), and Daniel Wagner (Senior), all working within Deloitte’s Financial Advisory department in Frankfurt, joined the HHL campus in Leipzig to give students some practical insights on M&A transactions, and more specifically on the major topic of due diligences. Deloitte consultants provided first a general overview over the entire M&A process before delving more specifically into the key issues of commercial and financial due diligences.

Deloitte also confronted students to a real life acquisition scenario through a case study, for which students had to put themselves in the shoes of Transaction Services consultants, and present their results and opinions to their peers.

Due diligences actually enable investors to identify inherent businesses risks and serve as the basis for investment decisions. They allow investors to gain knowledge on companies’ strategic environments, their strengths and weaknesses as well as on their financial situation. By the way, due diligence reports are fundamental raw materials in business valuation.

From the left to the right: Andreas Frisch (Deloitte), Tanya Fehr (Deloitte), Prof. Dr. Henning Zülch (HHL) und Dr. Daniel Wagner (Deloitte)

“Deloitte’s guest lecture was very insightful for the HHL M.Sc. students and was perfectly suited to the course on M&A Reporting and Investor Relations (i.e. MARIN), which combines strong theoretical foundations on consolidation and purchase price allocation with practical insight on the M&A field”, Prof. Dr. Henning Zülch stated at the end of the session. “We enjoyed being at HHL and hope that we could not only provide the highly motivated class of students with insights in our daily work but also raise the students’ interest in the enthralling world of M&A and due diligence. We look forward to being back at HHL in the future”, the consultants enthusiastically said.

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