Cultures and Backgrounds

Angela Chong (Peru) about Class Diversity

After one year of studies in a partner school of HHL, I landed in HHL as a double-degree student for my second year of MBA program. Although I am one of those people who have difficulty remembering the names for the first time, I can still remember the impression from that thrilling first moment in which you have to introduce yourself in front of the class for the first time.

I was not only surprised by the diversity of cultures in the class, but also by the many types of backgrounds. How we would say in Perú “hay de todos los colores y sabores” (there is from all colors and flavors).

It is somehow crazy how sometimes in the class break I can listen to at least 4 languages in just one room. And for me, this huge diversity in backgrounds is what makes specially enrichening this program.

The innumerable long discussions in the group works and the opportunity to interact with so many cultures at the same time is giving me the chance to work constantly on my soft-skills and to complement the knowledge gained during my first year.

Luckily, not everything is just studies! Based on my experience, in terms of workload, the program itself leaves me enough free time to do another kind of activities, such as traveling around the region and keep collecting new life experiences.


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