Cosmopolitan & Diverse – Start of the new GEMBA Class

Cosmopolitan & Diverse  –  Start of the New Global Executive MBA Class  With Participants  Coming from 16 Different Countries

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, the two Business Schools EADA (Barcelona/Spain) and HHL (Leipzig/Germany) celebrated the intake of the sixth batch of the Global Executive MBA program. We are delighted to welcome 23 participants coming from all over the world. Even students from Siberia, Hong Kong, and Colombia found their way to Barcelona and Collbató, where the first residential week took place.

The global perspective of the program does not only result from the program design and diverse nationalities, it much more lies within every individual. Having been born and raised in different countries, working abroad, and being multilingual is to some extent part of every participant’s profile. So, while being different, participants discover a lot of similarities at the same time.

The first day started with the course Leading Self & Teams and different team challenges. Students were impressed that such games could tell them a lot about the personality of their team members. The most important outcome was to understand that it should not be about getting as high as possible but about building a solid fundament in order to achieve great things.

Later that day, the development of leadership competencies continued with the NeuroTraining Lab. Furthermore, the students experienced challenging outdoor activities, which allow for an experiential learning approach and are meant to form the group into a cohesive team. The secluded setting of the training center in Collbató offers ideal conditions for the activities and for getting to know each other within the group.

Within the next 21 months, the students will face a challenging Global Executive MBA program with the special focus on leadership and with 8 modules in 5 different countries (Brazil, China, Germany, India, and Spain) – a real global experience!

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