Constantin Eis: The lord of the dreams

Constantin Eis makes sure that the Germans are getting better sleep: Last year, the HHL alumnus became the new Global Managing Director and co-founder of mattress start-up Casper.

Sleeping comfort is a science in itself. In 2014, the founders of Casper have made it their mission to make sleepers happier by changing the market for mattresses rapidly. Five co-founders originally founded the business in the US. Their success proves how right they have been: Today, the start-up operates with more than 250 employees in several cities around the world, selling mattresses, sheets, pillows, and dog beds at a value of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Furthermore, the start-up has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the World.

Not only in the US but also in Germany, Casper is a complete success. In 2017, the third round of financing yielded more than 170 million US dollars for focussing the expansion plans. Moreover, one of Casper’s products won against the competitors in an important German mattress ranking recently.

To increase the high performance throughout Europe and in new markets, HHL alumnus Constantin Eis has been appointed as co-founder and Global Managing Director of Casper in April 2016. From Berlin, he and his employees are responsible for the global expansion of the mattress business. He describes his job as a great challenge: managing growth at the same time than cultural among different offices and cultural backgrounds. In 2008, Eis graduated with a Diploma in Business Studies at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and started his career as a project manager and senior consultant at Roland Berger for three years. After that, he served as CFO and Managing Director at the Berlin-based furniture and home decoration mail-order company Home24, which serves not only the German but also the European market.

When asked about how he personally profited from the HHL’s education, Constantin Eis emphasizes: “Amazing friendship which lasts even until today. A strong network, which I do feel natural to reach out to and a great preparation for the real job”.

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