Connecting Soccer with Business: European Ivy League

Written by Dominik Schwital

Getting a taste of the vibrant city Leipzig, meeting interesting people in a sports environment, listening to highest class professionals from business as well as soccer and attending a soccer tournament is what you are interested in? Then join us at the European Ivy League @HHL and be part of this amazing event.

Networking events and business lectures are well provided at any business school in Europe. The variety of conferences is awesome, but to experience a different setting is sometimes more than welcome. This is what European Ivy League is all about, letting the stress behind and getting into physical action as well as it is one of the many reasons for joining the oldest student initiative at HHL. The event starts with a panel discussion of high class professionals from Bundesliga Clubs about “Think Global, Act Local” on Friday, to secure a smooth transition from business classes to sports. Afterwards a decent barbecue with table football is setting the stage for the tournament on Saturday. However, people who are able to run all day are people who like to party and this is where Leipzig proofed to be masterly. To cope with the aftermath of the night a brunch on Sunday is the right thing to do before heading home.

This is what you think is a perfect weekend? Then pack your soccer shoes and come to Leipzig on May 26 – 28, 2017. We and our sponsors are more than happy to welcome you.

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