Term Abroad at Concordia University in Montreal


Written by Patrick Burek (HHL part-time M.Sc. student)

1“This year, my masters’ degree is soon coming to an end but one exciting final station was still ahead: my term abroad. I was very happy when I found out that HHL’s part-time students also have the chance to profit from the large international network of partner universities. Moreover, the possibility to plan my term abroad at an early stage of my studies was also a big advantage as it enabled me to align it with my job.

When choosing a partner university, Concordia University in Montreal, Canada was my first choice. Apart from the courses offered at Concordia University that were well fitting to my professional background, my decision was also driven by the country itself. Never having been to North America before, I had always been excited when I saw images of Canada’s beautiful landscape.

So far, two months have already passed and I am very glad to spend my final term here in Canada. Not only have I had the opportunity to experience Canada’s beautiful fall landscape during a road trip, but also have I met many people from different cultural backgrounds at my university and at my shared apartment. Based on all these impressions I have gained, I am certain that this will not be my last trip to Canada as I would love to return here one day and explore the west coast, too.”

Patrick Burek (HHL part-time M.Sc. student)







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