Chinese Actress visited Leipzig for video shooting for Porsche

Porsche invited Chinese A-list TV actress Ms. Liu Tao for a video shooting in Leipzig. Some HHL students had the chance to act in the crowd scene that took place at St. Thomas Church, one of the best tourist attractions in Leipzig in which Johann Sebastian Bach used to work. Many Chinese residents in Leipzig also gathered at the site to welcome their star.

“We were very happy to see Ms. Liu Tao from such a close distance. She is a talented actress. Her most recent role in a popular TV series in China depicted a successful businesswoman who studied abroad and created her own career back home. It was an inspiring story and I could find resonance with this role.”

Yinglun Li, HHL full-time MBA student

As one of the oldest business schools in the world, HHL shares with Porsche common core values: preserving long standing tradition of world class quality made in Germany, focusing on innovation, and aiming at making a difference by delivering high end products and services to the society.

Located in Leipzig, one of the most dynamic cities in Germany, HHL and Porsche have successfully worked together for many years in terms of academic knowledge transfer, education and training of employees and innovation.

This March, the part-time MBA class of 2018 kicked off their CSR class with a tour to the production site of Porsche Leipzig. CFO  of Porsche Leipzig Dr. Joachim Lamla and HHL’s Chair of Economic and Business Ethics, Prof. Andreas Suchanek co-hosted a lecture.

“Being immersed in the world of Porsche was a great opportunity and delivered what HHL demands: it challenged us to think outside the box and apply our theoretical learning in a practical case” Marita Ueckert, one of the participating students in her blog.

“For us, the cooperation with HHL and their young inspiring students from all over the world was a unique experience offering a win-win result for all parties: the company Porsche and the students of HHL. We all shared our stories, practices and skills to reveal fresh ideas for new products, services and consumer experiences.” 

Dr. Joachim Lamla, Financial Director Porsche Leipzig, Germany

Last year, in a topically focused partnership with SpinLab, the accelerator program of the HHL, Porsche enabled young scientists to work on their own ideas, developing them until they were ready to be marketed. The project brought together students, scientists and professors as well as internal and external experts from the HHL together with Porsche employees. The teams worked together on business model innovations in four subject areas: Financial services of the future/FinTech business models, data-driven business models, the sportscar experience and digitalization in production.

“The cooperation with Porsche underlines the position of the HHL as one of the leading start-up universities in Germany. Our Co-Creation and InnovationLab as well as the established connection with ‘SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator’ is providing the Stuttgart-based sportscar manufacturer with a professional platform for the rapid, successful and innovative development of business concepts”, said the Dean of HHL Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart.




Yinglun Li, MBA学员





3月中旬,HHL的在职MBA学员就在莱比锡保时捷基地上了一堂企业社会责任(CSR)的课程。保时捷首席财务官Dr. Joachim Lamla和HHL教授Andreas Suchanek共同主持了课堂讲座。“参访保时捷基地是一个难得的机会,满足了学校对我们的要求:促使我们用创造性的思维去想问题,将理念和实践案例结合起来” ,学员Marita Ueckert说。(阅读Marita的博客文章)

保时捷首席财务官Dr. Joachim Lamla 表示:“对保时捷来说,与莱比锡商学院及其来自世界各地的年轻而充满创意的学生们合作是一个难得的双赢。我们分享各自的故事、经验和技能,为新产品、新服务和客户体验带来新鲜的点子。”


HHL校长Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart评论说:“与保时捷的合作凸显了HHL作为德国领先的创业高校的地位。我们的联合创新、创新实验室,以及和HHL加速器SpinLab的紧密联系为保时捷提供了一个专业平台,促进其高效、成功地创新商业理念。”阅读更多